Pleated Blinds

This product is normally used in conservatories but can be used on normal windows. These blinds come as free hanging, with guide wires and locking feet or as a perfect fit blind which can also be free hanging or tensioned.

Pleated blinds are available for conservatory roofs as can be cut to match the shapes in the windows, the two common products are your standard tensioned pleated blinds with guide wires or for a neater finish perfect fit international, where there is no drilling the tensioned blind is surrounded by a frame to give a better finish and sleeker look.


This product works much the same as a roman blind, it is made from neat and compact head-rails using the same swivel brackets as roman blinds and with the unique child safe 'pull-out' sprocket wheel allows you to have a continuous chain. with the option of 20 normal cellular fabrics and 10 black-out fabric and choice of chain, soft-rise or motorized operations gives you a variety of options to chose between for your home.

Pleated blinds